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Artist / Band  Management

Manage and Facilitate the day to day of the Artist's professional Goals. 

By building and managing the team to assist in their dream.


Business Management

CGA can manage and represent your financial and Business related task. 

Such as: Contracts &  Invoicing of your Clients.



Project Management


Create Press/Media Releases

Marketing Campaigns.

Offer Photo and Video services.

Create Contracts/Agreements.

Assist in acquiring promo materials (i.e. Business Cards, Flyers, etc.).


Gig Coordinating



CGA will collaborate with the Music Director. 

Communicate and follow up with Host.  Negotiate fees for Gig. 

Check the venue (if needed).  Communicate with Band members. 

Schedule rehearsal location and date(s). 

Distribute song list from the Music Director. 

Create and distribute Gig Particulars. 

Collect and distribute funds to members prior to or after the gig.

Music Copyrighting & Distribution Management

CGA can assist in copyrighting your music.

Add your licensed music to variuos streaming outlets







Music/Task Management



Executing administrative tasks for Band Director/Manager.

Perform as a Booking Liaison in obtaining Gigs.

Assist in acquiring deposits from Host or Venues for the Event.

Establish and maintain Social Media presence on YouTube and Facebook.

Meet and/or communicate with the Host.

Choose Band and/or Musicians appropriate for the Event.

Recommend and/or coordinate Event related services (if needed).

Make sure Vendors are scheduled properly (if necessary).

Book rehearsal hall.  Schedule rehearsals dates and times with  members.

Gather and distribute ‘Gig Particulars’ to members pertaining to the Gig.

Set up the Venue the day of.

Event Management

Marketing,, Advertising of Event,  Booking and scheduling of  Events .

Live Entertainment & Musical Support  (Back-up Musicians or Bands)

For further info visit                                           


Media Content Creation

Animated Logos and Marketing

CGA performs several other services that are geared towards Gig related Events. Please do not hesitate to inquire.


Behind The Scenes With CGA

The Client Process

  • The Client’s needs and Services are thoroughly discussed.

  • A plan for the Campaign/Service is set in place, per this discussion.

  • Timelines are given for the completion of Task or Project.

  • Agreements (which includes non-disclosures) are sign by and given to new clients.

  • Invoice are generated for all Campaign/Services or ‘Same Day Charges’.

  • Clients are invited to their Task board to follow progress of or to add new Task.

  • The Client will have Drop Boxes for items pertaining to the Campaigns.

  • The Campaign is worked. Clients can see this process thru their personalized Task managements boards.

  • Upon completion, a 'Thank you' letter is sent via email. With a reminder to close all admin access given.


Sign-up Bonus

  • New Clients will receive one Free Task with sign-up.


It is imperative that clients are aware of the importance of communication.

It is key in the process, and for their Campaigns to run smoothly. Via emails, text or by phone calls. 

Please note: non-communication is considered a breach of Contract with CGA.




All services are Task or Project-based.  Tiers of Tasks are sold with add-ons for other labor-related services.  Starting at $85.  Partially used Tiers are not refundable, or transferable.  Payments are due prior to services being rendered.   Details will be explained.


Monday -Thursday | 10-7 pm

Friday | 10-2 pm

Weekends & Holidays | By appointment only


Phone calls, Emails, and Texts will be responded to within 24 hours

(or sooner) during operating hours.

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