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Lead Singer and

Founder of the Group

'The Whisper Experience'

"My story is about entertaining people,  I’ve learned through the vehicle of music, that one can touch the hearts of people.'

A Tribute to The Whispers

Jazz Musician & Song Writer

He is most at home on stage giving live performances, by keeping the fires steadily burning with his stage presence and bringing excitement to the audiences.

After many books and CD’s of the Spoken Word.  Yes,  Dennis Wayne DeLoach has arrived!

And whether he comes as ‘dePoet’,

the playwriter, the lyricist, or a journalist.

Faith and determination will undoubtedly prevail.

Poet and Author

Image of Shauna Albright

As a Family Law attorney for almost 20 years, I understand that going through a divorce and child custody legal matter can be intimidating, emotional and scary. She's written a book to help with those challenges

Author & Attorney

A rounded consummate performer. Playing on various instruments (Bass, Drums, Keys, etc.)  He is also a singer, and song writer.

He will be releasing new material on an EP this Fall 2020

Performer &  Song Writer

image of RR ROSS w/ GUITAR.jpg

Raheem Ross is a fierce mix between soul and jazz, his style compliments any platform.  His voice will remind you of nature, an organically blissful sounds that reverberate with the listener’s ears and soul.  You are truly in for a treat whenever with this gifted musician and vocalist

Performer &  Song Writer

As an Artist Manager  I...

  • Recommend & assist you in the achievements of your career goals

  • By doing Day to Day tasks needed to achieve those goals.  Doing such things as, Exploring avenues to Market and Promote, Artist Submissions, acting as your representative and liaison with; the Public, Booking Agents, Producers, Media, etc

  • Negotiate Contracts and  Rates for you and Agent As well as Create Contracts/Agreements

  • Set up Booking fees and obtain deposits from host and/or venues

  • Promote the Artist (via Social Media, industry outlets, etc.)

  • Collaborate with the Music Director.  Schedule Meetings and/or Rehearsals

  • Coordinate with you to obtain the final decisions


                                                Bottom Line… I Represent YOU Well; with Integrity

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