A Tribute to The Whispers

Jazz Musician & Song Writer

Poet and Author

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Author & Attorney

Performer &  Song Writer

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Performer &  Song Writer

As an Artist Manager  I...

  • Recommend & assist you in the achievements of your career goals

  • By doing Day to Day tasks needed to achieve those goals.  Doing such things as, Exploring avenues to Market and Promote, Artist Submissions, acting as your representative and liaison with; the Public, Booking Agents, Producers, Media, etc

  • Negotiate Contracts and  Rates for you and Agent As well as Create Contracts/Agreements

  • Set up Booking fees and obtain deposits from host and/or venues

  • Promote the Artist (via Social Media, industry outlets, etc.)

  • Collaborate with the Music Director.  Schedule Meetings and/or Rehearsals

  • Coordinate with you to obtain the final decisions


                                                Bottom Line… I Represent YOU Well; with Integrity


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