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As a Business Manager  I...

Manage the Company’s Business Structure as prescribed by the Company, for the enrichment of their services.

The Managerial services will include, but are not limited to the following:  


  • Represent the Company and act as the Company’s Associate, and       

  • Facilitate their terms governing all manner of contractual and financial dealing.    

  • Negotiate Contracts and  Rates for you the Company.  As well as Create Contracts/Agreements

  • Set up Booking fees and obtain deposits from host and/or venues

  • Promote the Company (via Social Media, industry outlets, etc.)

  • Collaborate and act as the liaison for the Company's benefit

  • Coordinate with the Company to obtain the final decisions

  • Will be available at reasonable times to confer with the Company in connection with all matters concerning the Company’s business interests.


                                                Bottom Line… I Represent YOU Well; with Integrity

The Velvet Voice Society

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A Non Profit Talent Organization

Celebrating Vintage Music

"The Days of Wine and Roses"

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